Still no XY Plot despite many requests since 2016

I have asked over and over again for over 4 years. Many other have requested it. Clearly there are use cases people want.

Is this ever going to happen? Funny how the other places where I have asked for this have been marked now as “Solved” by the moderators. Nothing has been solved.

Become a paying customer by subscribing to their business plan, and I am sure you will get more results. Their focus has been on their business customers as that is what generates the most income, and I cannot blame them for that.

Like I tell my kids all the time: Just cause you keep asking for something, doesn’t mean you will get it.

As I think you know, there will be no future development of the current Blynk product. All development is now focussed on the new version of

Blynk, so the real questions should be…

  • Will the new version contain X-Y Plot functionality and
  • When will the new version be available

Those questions should probably be asked here:

Keep creating new topics on the same subject isn’t really helpful to the Blynk community, and I’m not sure that it’s helping your frustration levels either.

I’m going to close this topic for the reasons mentioned above. If the developers want to add comments they will still be able to do so, but I suspect that if they do comment then it will be in the “New version…” topic.