[SOLVED] (TimeInput Widget with 0 days selected) modified library not working

I’m facing the TimeInput Widget issue (delivers all days selected when no day is selected - TimeInput Widget delivers ALL days selected when no day is selected) and to solve it I’ve modified the “WidgetTimeInput.h” as suggested by Darwini.
After library modification I close and re-open Arduino IDE, re-compile the sketch and re-loade the sketch. No changes: the system behaves exactly as before. It seems that modified library isn’t compiled. What I’m doing wrong?

@pielle Android or t’other one?

Which OS do you have the IDE on?

What are the paths and do you have verbose setting in the IDE as that normally shows any duplicate libraries?

Which library version of Blynk are you using?

Blynk cloud server or local server? If local, which version?

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Thank you for your suggestions: on my PC there are several copies of the same library and I was modifying the wrong one!

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I hate it when I fix the wrong thing :wink:

So did you solve just the compiling issue or also the issue with the Time Input Widget not working the way you wanted?

both: now is perfectly working

Good to hear :+1:

For next persons reference - in the Blynk libraries look for Arduino\libraries\Blynk\src\WidgetTimeInput.h

And make the following change:

As per origional referance - TimeInput Widget delivers ALL days selected when no day is selected