(SOLVED) Problem with Level item after Android update


I found a possible problem with level items after last android update.

If I configure Level item as follow :

if in virtualWrite is sent a value below max value (in this case 45) level bar is shown correctly:

instead if is sent value greater than max value (for example 45,01) level is wrongly shown:

as WA, to see correct level (about 100%) in Level bar I have to set max value to 46 in settings page.

I need to set a maximum value (for example sent 45 for a value 45,01) in virtualWrite or this is a bug?

Before updating Android app, this worked fine, in the meanwhile nothing changes in hardware side.

There is something that glitched in the Level Widget since last App update. I had posted about it myself, but it might have gotten lost in the shuffle. (SOLVED) Small visual glitch in Level Bar on HD display Have you used any negative values in your project? That is where I noticed the discrepancies in mine the most.

I’ m sorry but I didn’t found any post about this problem and then I open a new topic. I think problem is the same as reported by you.

At this moment I have not checked behavior for negative values, later when I go back home I will check behavior with negative values and I’ll update this post.

No problems at all with your post :+1: I think it helps show the developers more detail and the variant ways of determining the fault. Also makes it easier to differentiate between a real issue and a user error.

I confirm that last Android release (2.12.0) fix problem (for me) on level bar with values greater than max value.


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Nice. thanks for reporting back.