[SOLVED] Particle Electron support

I just received my particle electron (3G) and tried to load the blynk library but it doesn’t connect. I was just assuming that the electron was similar enough to to the photon to run the same software. Do you have any plans on adding the electron and if so perhaps an ETA? Thank you


Electron is designed for low bandwidth, which is very different from WiFi as you can imagine. It would require additional implementation.

You are lucky to have it. We don’t yet :slightly_smiling:

I’m glad it finally came, just wish I could use my favorite app now:) thanks for all your support!

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Pavel - Based on your comment, do you plan on supporting the Particle Electron once you get your hands on one?

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Of course! Particle is one of the greatest hardware out there.

I have checked the road map and announcement section for information related to Electron support and found nothing. Is there somewhere else I should look? Is there a time frame?
Thank you

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Waiting for the hardware to come. After that there will be estimates.

Mine finally came last month. I will look forward to when I can finally use Blynk with it.
Thanks Pavel for your reply

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Electron support would be amazing! The Konekt Dash would be great too.

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Ok, now I am confused. In the hardware supported by Blynk section, Electron and Konekt are both listed as future supported hardware. Albeit the date of that is Feb '15-Hardware supported by Blynk
Pavel you have replied that you are waiting for hardware for Electron. Particle says they have no clue why you don’t have the hardware.

Konekt says that Blynk is an add on in their new app store, again this is from April '15
when I post on Particle, one elite member says it works with Blynk, one says it works but with lags. I have no clue.
Why doesnt Blynk have Electron hardware? Ill send you mine if it will help. Why doesnt Particle know why Blynk doesnt have the hardware? When I backed Particle, I was told that it played nice with Blynk. That to me means it works. Blynk says different. Why does Konekt say Blynk app is available in their app store but Blynk says it is not supported. (Yes I know that it may work and not be supported). Anyway, I thought when all of these things announced they were partners, that meant they were working together. Yes, I also know that everyone has lots of different things they are trying to get done. All I am looking for is accurate up to date information because I too have lots to get done and have been waiting anxiously to use cellurlar connected boards. Please do not misunderstand my post, I am not complaining or pointing fingers. Just asking quesitons.

@mpo881 I can clarify regarding Electron. We got our board and currently we are blocked because of bug in Electron firmware - https://github.com/spark/firmware/issues/896.

Regards, Konekt @vshymanskyy may help.

Thanks for your reply. That is interesting for sure. Ok, well hopefully they keep you up to date and this thing moves forward.

I have blynk and my electron running under the new pre-release firmware. Seems pretty smooth to me so far.

Good to hear, sounds like progress! I better start reading up again. Feel free to share any thoughts in this thread. I’m eager to get going on this. Honestly BLYNK is the heart of my project and don’t plan on using the electron without it!

I do have a small problem I just found. If i disconnect all power (usb and battery) and then put power back on the device, it will not connect any longer until I reflash the firmware to it. I am running a third party sim also, so I’m not sure if this has anything to do with it. It blinks green for a minute and then breaths white twice and just continues that cycle.

I did solve this issue in case anyone wanted to know :grin:

I am interested in hearing how you solved it. I am waiting for Blynk to support the Electron then I have a project to develop with Blynk.

you need the particle CLI. Follow these steps first https://docs.particle.io/guide/tools-and-features/cli/electron/ then after you install and update the particle CLI go here https://github.com/spark/firmware/releases and download system-part1-0.5.0-rc.1-electron.bin and also system-part2-0.5.0-rc.1-electron.bin Connect USB from your computer to your electron, after that open the node.js command prompt and move the two files you just downloaded to the directory that your node.js is showing. Then type particle flash --serial system-part1-0.5.0-rc.1-electron.bin and press enter it will tell you to hold your electron mode button until it flashes blue. Once it’s flashing blue hit enter. Then type particle flash --serial system-part2-0.5.0-rc.1-electron.bin and repeat the same process. In the web IDE you now need to change your firmware to the newer version in the devices tab. You may need to unclaim and reclaim your device for it to work.


@slimfetz Thanks very much for your time and the reply. You have provided very detailed instructions and I appreciate your help

Did it work for you?