[SOLVED] How to build Blynk server from sources

Would you please how to build Blynk server from sources?
Compiler and so on…

git clone https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-server
cd blynk-server
mvn clean install

Thank you a lot! I’ll try

не получилось…
[INFO] -------------------------------------------------------------
[ERROR] /home/user/BlynkServer/blynk-server/server/notifications/email/src/main/java/cc/blynk/server/notifications/mail/MailWrapper.java:[35,51] local variable username is accessed from within inner class; needs to be declared final
[ERROR] /home/user/BlynkServer/blynk-server/server/notifications/email/src/main/java/cc/blynk/server/notifications/mail/MailWrapper.java:[35,61] local variable password is accessed from within inner class; needs to be declared final
[INFO] 2 errors

нашел, отбой ----------


mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true

What java version do you have and maven version?

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java 1.7 и поменять на этой машине не могу, слишком много собрано
мавен 3.0.5

You can download 1.8 it is backcompatible with 1.7

sorry for russian, have forgot about place.
I know this future but cannot use, next other build will reflect to new version of soft…

Have tryed to build with 1.8 on the external virtual machine.
What does it means:
com.zaxxer.hikari.pool.HikariPool$PoolInitializationException: Failed to initialize pool:
Who wait there for connections???

and as a result:
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Total time: 1:06.075s
[INFO] Finished at: Thu Jun 16 13:08:01 BST 2016
[INFO] Final Memory: 31M/118M
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-surefire-plugin:2.10:test (default-test) on project core: There are test failures.

java build 1.8.0_91-b14
Apache Maven 3.0.5

This are integration tests, they require DB. You may skip them with -Dmaven.test.skip=true

I have success to build. how to make single jar package, because no build folder created.

Build is within blynk-sever/server/launcher/target folder

It is strange for me. If source downloaded it must be full and never other parts lay offline…
I do not like this spy tricks.

What spy tricks do you mean?

I run mvn package -Dmaven.test.skip=true and blynk-sever/server/launcher/target come up


is the source server file and .jar server file exactly same?
i asked because the size of open source folder is around (8.32 MB (8,728,576 bytes)) but the jar file that you published is around 16 MB so i want to know that open source and .jar is same of the open source have not include some section???

No. They can’t be the same. As source code is just text. While .jar is compiled byte code.

You have 2 options: a) Unpack jar and decompile classes; b) Build jar by yourself and compare size. Up to you.

i have some problem

  • failure
  • error
  • skipped

maven version 3.5.0
java jdk 1.8.77
so please see my result.

what’s wrong?