(Solved) Help with coding notification delays

If you don’t understand what anyone tells you ask big G.

Some forum mods kindly add the backticks for you, but I prefer to teach people how to fish rather than simply handing out the fish.

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well Im out of worms, where in the sketch are they needed and why what is their purpose im new at coding? Big G told me where they are on the keyboard but not what they are used for in a sketch

It’s not related to coding. It relates to posting certain things on forums that people can easily read.
Now you know what a backtick is, does my earlier post make any sense?

I prefer to labour the point so you and others become great anglers.

yes now is that better?

Just beautiful, now remove the second entry of Serial.begin(9600); in setup().

Coders don’t really want to look through your original posting of the sketch. Sure you would agree it’s much easier to understand now and specifically coders can easily grab a copy and put it in their IDE for debugging.
Without backticks copy and paste from this and other forum sites is not possible without us going through each line and formatting the sketch.

Ok thanks

I like to do both, fix the issue then show how… and badger repeatedly if not listened to :stuck_out_tongue:

I learn by example, so I try to teach the same way.

Takes more effort on my part, but it seems effective… eventually

@bcomer Backticks :wink:

Blynk - FTFC

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@Gunner when I have time I like to provide the details of why we are using a barbed hook to trap the fish, like in this thread. I made a promise to myself that I wasn’t going to waste any more of my time adding backticks for Blynkers and I’m sticking with it.

Time I have… energy and focus, well… when I do, I don’t mind helping by doing (and badger…er… explaining :wink: )

I think we tag team well between our methods :smiley:

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Here is what i came up with to solve the notification problem. Seems to work

 bool tempflag = true;  
   if ((GreenhouseTemp >= 95)  && (tempflag == true))
   Blynk.notify("GREENHOUSE OVERHEATING!!!");
   tempflag = false;

if (GreenhouseTemp < 95)
  tempflag = true;