[SOLVED] Blynk server-0.25.4 cannot open admin/config/list and get "state change error undefined"

Hello guys ,
Thanks for your time reading my message !
Recently I made a try to install the Blynk server locally in a virtual machine ,but when I click in the Config button of the admin web-page the relevant page at url admin/config/list doesn’t open, nothing is shown on the right pane and I get a message saying “state change error undefined”.
The version of server is 0.25.4 and the blynk.log shows the following error:
ERROR- Error invoking handler. Reason : null.
I red this topic State change error: undefined ,but it looks it is different than mine since I cannot get the list on the right pane.
Can you please instruct me how to fix that ?

Thanks in advance Komzi !

I don’t think they have completely ‘finished’ the Local Server Admin Page as those errors have been there all along.

Do you mean the list on the left?? Can you show a screenshot… also you mentioned a virtual machine? Which browser are you running on it?

EDIT - Forget it, I realised you meant the “Configurations” panel from that older topic (once I fixed your link in the post). They probably removed that in later versions since it isn’t setup for editing those files from within the Admin page in the first place.

Thanks a lot for your quick answer !
Yes, it is about list on the left.
As you confirmed my understanding is that is not possible anymore since the current release doesn’t allow to view or change the settings from web interface.


I don’t think it was ever functioning… A work in progress that got set aside perhaps?