[SOLVED] Blynk send commands error

I’m creating an eot project, when I turn on the sensors it sends the blynk values all right, but when I add any command that sends a command to the arduino’s digital ports, the whole system stops, I do not receive any more from the sensors, and Nao The LEDs are working, no led is signaled and no relay, but if I take out the widget that sends the signal to the arduino everything returns to normal.

I have read it a few times, but your explanation is a bit jumbled.

Can you please clarify the issue; Include exact hardware, App versions, “problematic” widget type, settings, serial monitor output if any, etc, etc… and show your code with proper formatting. Thanks.

I connected a LDR on the Arduino pin A0 and in the blynk app I put a GAUGE to show the value of the sensor.

However, if I add a button attached to any pin in the arduino ex: pin 3;
The GAUGE simply does not work, it starts to dial only 0 and it does not detect anything else and the button also does not work. And from what I noticed this is happening with any other thing if I add an EVENTOR or SLIDER also stops working.

Sorry bad english, I’m using google translator

I can not send pictures, sorry, that would help

Sounds like you are using direct pin manipulation… that will work but I have found it only functional for simple tasks.

Check out the 2nd half of this post about that…

Using virtual pins will greatly increase the functionality and reliability of sensors and controls.


all right. But will I need to use the virtual pins for everything? Since reading sensors to loaders on the digital pins? Or can I simply use the digital pins?

new error;

in code now

 void loop()
 Blynk.virtualWrite(V2, analogRead(0));

and serial monitor send error:

[5634] Connecting to blynk-cloud.com:8442
[6007] Ready (ping: 132ms).
[6098] Trouble detected: Introduction - Blynk Documentation

You can read or control pins directly from the app, or via virtual pins, or both.

But in all cases you want to use timed, but non-blocking, connections… so no delay(). Use Blynk Timer and set timing frequency in the widget.

Avoid both blocking the communication and continuous data flow or you get disconnection or flooding errors:

I recommend you check out the links at the top right of this page for all the Documentation, Help Center and Sketch Builder links… most everything you need to know is there, and this forum is to let everyone assist everyone else in working out the intricacies.

works, tanks.