[SOLVED] Blynk for Node-Red

Just a request to ask you to incorporate TZAPUs fix to your Blynk library ASAP - several of us waiting for this as the current library is causing a disconnect between Node-Red and Blynk… hopefully this will fix it… once you merge his fix into the Blynk library I will give it a good hammering.

Could you please explain what fix do you mean?

hi guys, it s in a pull request on node-library-js
mostly to retry connection whenever it gets disconnected, and a flag to disable retry when you need to


Hey! Thanks. Pushed to npm :wink:

So what’s next Alex?

Update both contrib and blynk js to latest and hope that fixed it :sunny:

blynk-library-js 0.0.25
node-red-contrib-blynk 0.0.19

Hi there,
I am having “lost communication problem” even I Updated blynk-lybrary-js and node-red-contrib-blynk tu the latest versions. My Blynk APP just shows me several times a day: Raspberry is offline, while Node-RED shows all green=connected and node-red console indicating Error: listen EADDRINUSE; Unable to listen on; port in use
thanx for any help

hi, you might want to change your ports.
i had to do the same, 1880 was already taken by something else so i changed ports across the board for blynk local.
i am not sure what gives you that error in the node red console as my contrib does not listen on any port, it connects to them…
start by changing your ports in blynk local if you use them, also check in node red, if you are using any http listen ports, they might give that error out, change the port for that as well. You might be having multiple unrelated problems

ok, thanx. I am going to check that

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