Blynk disconnected from Node-Red

Hi Sir,

I am trying to use Blynk in Node-red, but it show disconnected all the time, would you please give me a hand to resolve this problem, thanks in advance.
My question is, how to set URL, I use the URL below, but it fail all the time.


Kenny Huang

@keniihuang99 Please don’t tack on a help request to a very old (and solved) topic. I have moved your question to your own topic.

Meanwhile, next time try searching for more recent and relevant solutions such as this one, wherein your port may be incorrect…

I use

(No ‘s’ on the end of websocket) and it works for me.
Also, ensure that you’ve copied the project key from your email and haven’t included any additional/hidden characters.

Obviously the device that you’re running Node-Red on needs to be able to connect to the internet, not just be available on your local network.


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