[SOLVED] Blynk and IFTTT

Possible integration ideas with IFTTT and Blynk


IFTTT integration is planned.


That is great news and a smart move.

Do you have a proposed timeline to have this capability with IFTTT?


Not yet.
It’s not the highest priority currently. Let’s see if this feature will be requested by other people.


Looks like your viewers are sending a strong interest ! Good sign.

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I log in from my iPhone just to say I’m also interested in the ifttt integration, that would be awesome!


Yes, I think IFTTT is very important

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In my opinion IFTTT should be one of the most important additions because of the logic it brings to IoT projects. A critical function of IoT is to “connect” lots of “things” so they can talk to each other, generate data, and make logical decisions based on the data. IFTTT can make this process simpler. For example: IF it’s raining THEN turn off the sprinkler system or… IF it’s between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. THEN put the dish washer in sleep mode (so it does not automatically start washing dishes and have the noise wake us up.) IF the burglar alarm triggers THEN lock all the inside doors. The use and applicability of IFTTT is endless.


I absolutely agree with everyone that Blynk should integrate with IFTTT. Just because it’s obvious that it would be silly not to do so :slight_smile:

However, from my personal research, IFTTT is still a product for early adopters. The concept is great, it’s definitely working for lots of things. I’m using a few recipies. But, if we are talking about hardware like Arduino, Raspbery Pi, you can code logic which would much better and more flexible. And it’s not that hard if you already got into the theme of microcomputers and tinkering with them.

Connecting with dishwashing machine is great! I would love that! However you can’t do it today with IFTTT… On the other hand, you can do it with Arduino, e.g, by hacking an IR remote control if there are any )

That’s why for us at Blynk, it would be an amazing challenge to build our own “IFTTT” which would be more flexible and designed to work with hardware. Hope you’ll love it!


YES!!! That is going to be the key differentiator between just building an “app” and building a true network of connected “things


Just found this http://www.homeseer.com/ifttt.html

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I’m looking forward to IFTTT integration as well :smile:

IFTTT just added a “Maker” channel :smile:
We’re going to use it for easier integration…

Could somebody tell me how do you see integration of Bylnk and IFTTT? Some real case would be nice.


I would like to be able to do the following:

Enabling my home alarm system when my phone is not at home :slight_smile:

(GPS based)


You’ll be able to do that with Blynk without IFTTT =).

Looking forward to IFTTT integration.

Currently experimenting with Blynk and IFTTT and Hue by using the current gmail widget in Blynk.

  1. HIGH signal detected on Digital Pin 19
  2. Blynk Email widget sends to my gmail address.
  3. IFTTT Gmail Channel: If email received from hello@blynk.cc then blink hue lights.

This works great but with a delay (on the IFTTT side).

The delay is not good for me because I’m using it with a doorbell.
But if you’re using it to start a sprinkler system or something else that doesn’t require immediacy, then something like this may work for you!



This is smart! This is something I call “engineer’s mind” :wink: Well done!


Gotta work with the parts that you’re given! :smile:
Having fun experimenting & learning. Thanks!

What IFTTT brings to the table is connectivity with services outside of your phone, or devices that you can connect directly to your microcontroller.

  • Monitor your Office365 Mail account, flash a light when you have a message from your boss.
  • When there is a new post on a Tumblr blog you follow, make your robot do a happy dance.
  • If tomorrow’s low temperature is forecast to be lower than a certain threshold, remind me to bring in the flower pots.
  • Every time someone rings my doorbell, post a status on Facebook.
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