[SOLVED] Blynk and IFTTT

Please consider that IFTTT is already connected with thing via The Maker Channel, and it’s integration with evernote and so many android and ios apps makes is allmost impossible do outsmart with hardawre. I undestand its not an option anymore. For the real thing, Blynk, For everything else, from publishing to loud speaking, lets make use of androis/ios hardware! Its an symbiotic addiction!

The beauty of Blynk is that it eliminates most of the headache and tedium of coding, giving us a simple connection of user interface to hardware. For those with limited coding skills, this is a godsend.

Having Blynk / IFTTT integration available only through the Maker channel seems to go contrary to that simplicity. With the Maker channel, we’re back to coding the translation between the interface (the IFTTT trigger, in this case) and the hardware. Only now, in addition to Arduino code, you need understand HTML and JSON.

But… assuming there will be no simplified IFTTT / Blynk integration in the foreseeable future, would anyone be willing to share sample code for using Blynk as:

  1. an IFTTT trigger (e.g. when D1 changes from low to high, a tweet is issued)
  2. an IFTTT action (e.g. when a new email is received, pin D2 is set high)

Thanks in advance. :smile:


When implementing IFTTT, many questions arise. Should it work with the App, or with the hardware, or with both. We don’t want to reinvent the things, but we always know how to make smth better:)

We are going to make a really minimal integration, for hardware only. App will be a channel activation only. And we will see how it goes.


I am 68 years old retired electronic engineer having IoT as hobby. I look forward to the early integration of Blynk with IFTTT as it opens wide vistas in IoT and makes our imagination as the limitation.
Wishing All the Best for an speedy Association with IFTTT.


That could be great!!

I also want to have integration of Blynk with IFTTT

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IFTTT integration has my vote!

You have my vote for IFTTT integration too.

+1 here, but more to the point: To be truly useful for creating “smart” devices, Blynk needs some way (read ANY WAY) to accept external inputs. Moving a light switch from the lamp to my phone is useful, but I still have to manually turn it on. Activating it based on my presence (GPS / WiFi connection inputs), and the time of sunrise and sunset (date and time inputs) makes it smart. The more external inputs that we can feed the IoT, the smarter we can make it.

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If you are using an android phone, you should check out Tasker. It is far more flexible than IFTTT. I use Tasker with Blynk daily.

Absolutely valid points! The way I see Blynk in future is a dashboard where you can set up stuff, but the ultimate goal is "no interface at all

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I would also love to see IFTTT-Blynk marriage,

especially for invoking virtual pins via URLs from ifttt -
It shouldn’t be too hard, right? the app is doing something of that sort anyway
given the app code, it should be pretty straightforward to hack something - is it open source? I did not see it in the code repo. no security other then the elaborate auth token, should be easy to achieve, no?
tried sniffing http comunication from the app, all I got was irrelevant polling requests


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Small update before big announcement - I just successfully tested Blynk with IFTTT and MAKER channel. Final API cleanup, refactoring and IFTTT integration will be on your plates. Stay tuned. :smile:


the long waiting for the best integration is ended , this will open endless Automation.

Nice! Looking forward to seeing what integrations people come up with!

Done. For local servers for now. Later we will also add Blynk channel for IFTTT.


Yey! Thank you!! This is mega cool

this would be a shortcut in the development of numerous applications that require hardware that already exist on your smartphone!
It seems smarter to develop the interface with IFTTT than recreate something that already exists. As an example, I cite the possibility of GPS performance directly on the hardware.

Blynk is already working with Maker channel on IFTTT using Blynk REST API

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