[SOLVED] Anyone willing to share code for Google Assistant, IFTTT and ESP8266?

I see one or two people have already got their google assistant working with IFTTT and the ESP8266. Anyone willing to share their code?


What do you want? Exactly i have all three working

Thanks for getting back to me. Actually, yesterday I manged to get it up and running using web hooks in IFTTT.

as you have mentioned that you will use it with IFTTT , any news about the delay??

Yes, there is a delay but it’s something I can live with for the moment. If someone knows how to do it without IFTTT, I’d be happy to hear from them.

@Falcon9 do you have an Android Smartphone in your pocket?

Press the Blynk button, no delay, problem solved :slight_smile:

Except I don’t want to press any buttons. I want to issue a verbal command.

I want to issue a verbal command to Google Home that will activate a relay attached to an ESP8266. I found how to do it using IFTTT, but if you’ve got another method, I’d be delighted to hear about it.


Here’s how I did it with both IFTTT and the Amazon Echo / Alexa, by emulating a Wemo smart outlet. Since Google Home also controls the Wemo, I’d guess that you can use the same code.