Slider bargraph


I saw a video whith slider and I can’t find code for that, very helpfull feature for me. but I don’t now how to do that.
I could preset the slider directly with one parameters from the controller code.
ex: I could change the virtual pin localy and from the app and knowing the set value.

I love you blynk, waiting more and more features.

I bet it’s just a virtualWrite to a virtualPin. Have you tried that?

blynk.virtualWrite(0, data_from_sensor);

And then attach a slider to VPin0

I tried this on a spark core

potvalue = analogRead(A0);
pwmvalue = potvalue / 16; // 0-4095 to 0-255
if ( millis() > delaytimer + 3000) {
Blynk.virtualWrite(2, pwmvalue);
delaytimer = millis();

I put a led widget on V0 for check and a slider on V2, the led worked but the slider not

If I’m at home tonight’I’ll try for you on my iPhone and Android. Maybe it has something to do with that.

I haven’t been able to get it working yet, but I’ll give it some more thought. Maybe someone else here knows how to make it work, I’d like to see it working too :slight_smile:

Hi again

Unfortunately I did’n have an Arduino to try the slider, with the Spark Core I tried again but without succes.
Anyone tried this? And worked or not?
Maybe this bug was fixed.


Hello, Indeed it was many days ago. And now it is not supported. But I think we will enable this feature soon.

Hi, just to make sure I understand, is it correct that it’s not currently possibly to write a slider position from hardware to the Blynk app (via BLYNK_READ)? If not, this is a feature I’d love to see added. Thanks!

It’s not yet available. It’s in development

Is the development just of the slider or all widgets? If you recall, I use a touch screen in my alarm project that duplicates the buttons on my blynk app for the same alarm. It would be nice to see that when I push a button on the touch screen it changes the status of the button in blynk.


Pls check the roadmap in announcements. This question was answered 1 billion times :slight_smile:

1 billion and 1 now. Sorry didnt make the connection. Guess my hardware handling state needs a re-boot.

@mpo881 This is partially supported in latest Android app (any command hardware sends to server will be reflected on UI).

I will read the docs again and try to understand. Thank you

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