Simultaneous App Log In & Interactions : Policy Rule(s)

Hi @Dmitriy
What is the policy rule(s) on being able to log into the same username and view the same project and interact with the same project simultaneously ?

I can confirm I can login to the same project from IOS and Android and interact with both projects simultaneously.

I’ve only done 2 but is there any limitation on number simultaneously interacting on same project from different devices ?

According to this thread, no limit. Also, I have at least 4 devices… might have been 5… at one time, but then I was just testing to see if different versions of Android affected the video widget at the time.

Hello. No limitations. Do you have some real use case for multi logins?

I’ve lost entire dash and settings because I had two devices logged in. When I made changes on one, it didnt update the other. Then I shut down the device which hasnt updated, and it saved the empty dash over the one I just spent 30min making >_<

not really - i just wanted to know as in the past it seemed as though it would automatically log you out when you logged in via another phone so it seemed like there has been a change along the way.