Showing my location on Blynk on other devices

Hi people,
I just added a MAP widget on Blynk app which shows my smartphone current location. I believe data are retrieved from the Google Maps app.

When I tried to share and open my Blynk app on another smartphone, the location is not shown.

How do I ensure whoever logs into my Blynk app gets to see my smartphone location?

Do I really need to wire up a GPS on my RPI?

Do you want to track the location of your RPI? If no, then a GPS is not required.

As for the rest of your question, I think you’d need to elaborate on what you’re trying to achieve, and which OS your phone(s) are running to get any sensible advice.

Have you tried searching the forum for topics about shared apps and location based services?


I am thinking of using my android phone to provide the GPS location on Blynk. So that I do not need to get a GPS module and wire it to my RPI.

So to put it simply, tracking my smartphone on Blynk should be the easiest option I think.

The android phone will always be in close proximity to the RPI to provide constant WIFI connectivity.

I have googled and tried to find but seems like my idea is quite unique. Most would install GPS on the controller to track its location.

Searching this forum will give you much more relevant information as opposed to just googling.

However, there are critical differences between the widgets available in the Android and iOS versions of Blynk, especially in the area of location services, so my comment about phone OS (which you didn’t address) arte important.

You’ve previously mentioned an RPi, is this your primary hardware, and if so what language are you trying to program it in?

All of this “big picture” stuff is important when forum users what to point you in the right direction (no pun intended!) as that direction will vary based on OS, Hardware, and what it is that you ultimately want to achieve.

If you just want your wife/girlfriend/significant other to know where your phone is then there are far simpler ways to achieve this rather than with Blynk. If you own an iOS device then this functionality is built-in via Find Friends, and I assume that similar functionality is available in Android.
If you want to use Blynk to open your garage door, make you a cuppa, get your favourite slippers warm and light your pipe for you as you arrive home then the solution will be different again.

The more info you share the more likely you are to obtain useful information and guidance.


Okay, in that case I don’t think it’s possible.

This topic explains why…

Adding a GPS to your RPi is probably the simplest solution.

There are ways to determine location without a GPS, such as this library for the ESP8288, but I’m not sure if this would be suitable or accurate enough for your needs, or if there is a Python version available.