Sharing IMAGES for Image Widget!



why not 4 or 6 LEDs instead of 2 ? :thinking:



@Alexis_Cabrera any thoughts on how to superimpose the four red values (top left) on to the image?


HI Paul !

do you need 4 displays like that or 4 digits in one display ?


4 displays = 4X10 pictures easy
1 display 4 digits = 10^4 pictures :fearful:


This is what I want:


Full screenshot:


I guess with a bit of effort the centre and right images could be made to line up with the top and bottom images. Unfortunately the dashboard only allows for 4 widgets across the screen and we would need 5 to include the left image of the display. Or Perhaps we forget the centre image.


if I understood, you want to superimpose the value widget into an image widget ?
it’s not yet supported by blynk image widget
may be @Pavel could tell us if it is planned ?


it will be fine if we could reduce to one cell instead of 2



Ideally yes.

This is what I have so far. Imagine left and right images lines up with top and bottom images. I am going to try adding an extra horizontal image through the middle.


it is not possible because one image widget takes 2 cells


Anything is possible.


yes but it is not very beautiful :smile:


I think for now this is the best I can come up with.




voltage need only 20 images 210 to 230 v
current needs 30 images 0 to 30 A


Photoshop / Paint?


Photoshop to create image widgets


@Alexis_Cabrera the Paintshop version serves a purpose because the original picture wasn’t taken at a true vertical to the Pzem display. I could have just taken a better picture but the Paintshop version chopped into 7 pieces now gives:

@Pavel any chance of a third image type in addition to FIT and FILL, namely BORDERLESS?


We would need a method of nesting transparent widgets over images, or even other widgets, like how it is done in Virtuino and Nextion. But that may also require a finer resolution of widget placement.


we need image widgets buttons too :joy::joy::joy:


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