Shared access to more than one project on one phone

Hi! How can i get shared access to more than one project on one phone? Is it possible?

All projects are running on local blynk server, phone and server are conected to local network.

Define shared access? I usually have multiple projects running on my phone - each to their own board, and just swipe back and forth between them as required. By using bridge I can share data and virtual pins between them, is that what you mean?

I have android phone where i created two projects. I scanned qr code of the first project on iphone, so i can use the first project on iphone. But i cant get access to the second project on iphone without losing the access to the first project. How can i get access on iphone to both projects?

OK, you totally lost me… can you clarify?

I thought you wanted multiple projects on one phone to share… but now you want the same two projects on a 2nd phone?? Just log into the Blynk app on the iPhone with the same account info as the Blynk app on the Android and you will see all of your projects.

Ah Ha… wait, are you sharing read-only access with with another person’s phone? If so, then I believe you can only do one at a time as they don’t actually log into an account.

And while I may mutter to myself, or talk to my cat… I don’t share apps, so this this is just a guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, i know that i can log into, but i need to have a read-only access to both projects on phone. Is it possible at all?

OK, I did test and I better see how it works now… and upon further reading of the DOCs, the current answer is NO, as confirmed here. It appears to be a simple but controllable repeater, temporarily sharing your link to the server until purposefully exiting the app (but did reconnect after a force close).

Perhaps later? as it does state in the DOCS - (scanning from existing profile is not yet supported) - And once logged into a profile, switching between projects becomes possible… so, who knows?

You could try to experiment with running the same app concurrently, via app cloning, and you are not likely to get official support for that here. But on an iPhone that will require jailbreaking.

Thank you for your answer! Yes, i was thinking about app cloning. Also i have android, may be on android it is possible to do? I was searching for android app like Windows sandboxie , but i cant find anything. Do you know any programm for it?

@tsar.gosha search for Droid4X.

@tsar.gosha I downloaded my copy of Droid4X from this site… no virus or adware detected. Works very nicely with Blynk.

Thank you! But it is programm for pc, and i need app for android - to run two independent copies of blynk app on android at the same time.
Does android have any apps for this?

Yes it’s called something like “parallels” or “parallel”.

Sorry, I thought that’s what you asked for :wink: Android sandbox program like Windows sandbox program.

I haven’t played around with app cloning, so you will have to Google around on your own… but let us know if it works out… and Droid4 might work out for testing such programs before messing with your phone.

A quick search found this on Google Play. Rated 4.1

Thank you for your help! Now its working the way i want.

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