Share project gps? (with multiple phone/GPS sensors)

When i use a gps inside command for eventor and some event to do and i share my project with other person, the gps work with which device?

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Blynk In smart home use(application):
How can i set users for each person of family when i use gps inside command or outside command?

In general how can i use Blynk in smart home applications for each person???
With share project i missed other projecs it shown current project sometimes i have some project to share with one share login how?
With run project with same user on every device i have some problem with gps and other sensor phone. :expressionless:

RWhat is the blynk’s scenario for smart home usable for several phone devices in real and good performance?

Hi. Do you mean mobile GPS?

Widget gps

Each person(phone) on same project but use different gps values

It would be each person GPS. @BlynkAndroidDev right?

@Dmitriy Yes.
In real i want ro make a smart home project so i have 4 person to control home so i have 2 choice
1- use phones with one user account that i have gps widget challenge.
2- share the project that share just one project at same time. But i have all thing in some projects.
Are there any choices?

Is it possible Different users share widgets together?

I don’t think so. This widget disgned for another purposes.


So @Dmitriy which sharing method is good for a smart home package with 5 person and phone, and 4 project’s include tages and devices.?

Exc. You don’t think about what?


@sh.abar.mard This is something you should be able to test yourself with a household of 5 phones :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I only have two active GPS capable phone/tablets running for my test, and they both sit on the same bench next to each other, so while they are different it is not by much, so makes checking a bit more nit-picky :unamused:

The GPS Streaming widget gets its info from the phone and passes it onto a Vpin. But by comparing the value of the Vpin shown on my PC (via a android emulator, running Blynk) to a separately running GPS app on each phone/tablet device, it seems that the value of that Vpin will fluctuate depending on which phone/tablet updates its Blynk app last (is app running in foreground/background, actively being poked at, etc).

So, I would say that the GPS widget, as is currently is deployed, will not be ideal for any specific phone based locational needs when multiple devices are running the same project.

@Dmitriy - When running multi-phones per project, would there be a way of toggling a “master” device for each of the sensor widgets that pull phone sensor data? (via IMEI or other device specific ID)

E.g. you only want GPS Streaming from phone A but need the Barometer from phone B and the Accelerometer from phone C, but all displayed in one project.

Is this a worthy GitHub request?

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So everybody can guide me?

Everybody can’t answer me? So how about Blynk’s support?

Did you try Introduction - Blynk Documentation ?

No. GPS widget and other sensors were designed mostly for use case “I came to home, open garage automatically”. That’s it. Sharing GPS from 1 phone a bit strange use case for me.

So with this method i can just one project at same time(login) control.
Inwant to control 4 project together on a one share methode same time(with switch bitween projects like as app).

Yes. Is that a problem? You can have many devices, tabs, scroll within 1 project.