Share project gps? (with multiple phone/GPS sensors)

I want some gps widget and some eventor and tabs on one project is limited and …

That is my point… if you have two phones on the same project, they both try to open the door on arival… but if one is already home, then will the 2nd one even open the door? or will the system assume no need as the trigger has already been met.

I never said anything about sharing GPS data from one phone to next. More like designating which sensors, on the phone, the server “listens to”, while ignoring the rest.

And I was also referring to ALL phone sensors… i.e. someone uses accelerometer data and joystick for a pan and tilt camera (a 2nd phone’s camera set up as IP) and motion control on a robot, but happens to also use the 2nd phone’s sensors to monitor GPS position, temperature, compass bearing, etc of the robot - hey, makes use of all those sensors :slight_smile: )… but which phone controls which sensors? Right now you can’t do this as both would send conflicting data to the server.

Yeah. This is good questions and points. At the moment we have no answers for that. It should be implemented as part of user management. That is huge efforts indeed.

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Work harder :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously, thank you for taking it under consideration… my multi-phone, Blynkified, Gunnerator CrawlerBot project is pending ;)…


Offtopic: add some flowers and you have a new Beatle Album, “Yellow Submarine 2, back to land” :smiley:

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I solved it easily by using IFTTT and Blynk HTTP rest APi:

My wife’s phone uses location recipe that sends 0, to V1 when she leaves the house. I have the same recipe sending to v2. On the hardware I check v1 and v2 to identify who’s at home.

This result triggers alarms, turns off/on the lights and appliances and so on.

You might want to consider using Blynk instead of IFTTT :slight_smile:

Is it possible at least we add the ip or phone’s name of users To values of (for example) GPS widget?and got it on hardware side?

there is no GPS widget on iOS yet :frowning:

everything is possible, the only question is time and resources. :pray:


Dear all, I’m also practicing with GPS Stream Widget. In my project, to obtain GPS coordinates from my mobile, I used follow code:

  BLYNK_WRITE(V7) //trasmette le coordinate GPS
  GpsParam gps(param);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V41, param[0].asString()); 
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V42, param[1].asString());
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V43, param[2].asString());
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V44, param[3].asString());
  String lat = (param[0].asString());
  String lon = (param[1].asString());
  myMap.location(1, lat, lon, "Blynker_1"); // tramite V10 descrive posizione sulla mappa

then for locate on the map, I used MAP Widget using the coordinates obtained from the widget GPS Strem.

Now I’ve shared this project with a friend of mine (as “user”) and as soon as he launch the Blynk app, his mobile is located in the map. If we both launch the app, only my friend’s coordinates are accepted and not mine. Do you know why? Is there a way in order to locate both mobile phones in same time? I read that this Widget is not born to do this, but would be very interesting.

Another issue; is possible to send GPS data every specific time? (for eg. every 5 seconds)

Thank you so much, and thank you for your patience to answer us beginners.
Have a nice day

No, don’t share the project.

Ok, thanks!

I did smth similar to identify if everybody is home or out to arm the alarm (a set of motion sensors).

For that I used IFTTT on 2 phones and they were sending webhook to 2 different virtual pins
Then I compared 2 pin values, and if both of them false - alarm would be armed.

I also had a shared project to disarm the alarm manually.

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I solved this problem with a bit of BLE proximity code in Arduino; see as many device as you like enter and leave the house. The only problem there, is transferring the result to Blynk, I couldn’t get BLE and WiFi running on the same board, not even a 2 core ESP32.