Setting to 0 variables received from the server, in the absence of communication with the device

It would be very convenient if you could turn on a function that sets to 0 all the variables that are transferred to the phone while the device has lost communication with the server.
The point is that when the device’s connection to the server is lost, all the information from the device continues to be displayed on the phone, although in fact there is no connection … And the illusion of normal operation is created - this is not good …

It will be available in Blynk v2.0, when it is eventually released:

  • Datastreams (virtual pin, for example - is the sub type of the datastream). Datastream now has dozens of settings like type, units, formatting, min/max, default value. It is now global setting and doesn’t depend on the widget. Here is some cool features:
    • Invalidate - allows to set some value after certain period of inactivity
    • Confirmation - allows to define the state of the widget based on feedback from the device. For example, you click on the button and it changes it state if response from the hardware comes or resets to the previous value if no response from the hardware in a certain period of time


Thanks for the information.

Sorry for the concern, but I didn’t quite understand: how can it be that the updates come into force with Blynk 2.0 if I already have a newer version of Blynk 2.28.0 installed?

Blynk 2.0 is the name that’s been used for the totally new version of Blynk, that hasn’t yet been released. It’s not an official release version, just a name we use on the forum to refer to the new version.


Thank you.