setProperty crashes Blynk app on iOS10

Thanks for reports. We will try to fix in next update.

Guys, Please check again with 2.5.10

hi dmitriy, just re-tried with latest version of ios 2.5.10 and can confirm still freezes ios Blynk app but works nicely on Android Blynk app. NOTE: I cannot complie on blynk 0.4.1 as I get WidgetRTC library errors but compiles fine on 0.4.0 :frowning:

I should add I’m running local server 0.20.1

Hi guys, I’m working on iOS app.

@mars can you share the iPhone model you use and what iOS version there? Is it jailbroken?
@chrome1000 please try 2.5.10 and share with us how it goes.

Also guys, in case of crash, always launch the app again. The crash reporting tool attempts to send crash report on next successful launch after crash. Obviously, device should have internet connection for report to be sent.

Hi - I am using iPhone 6 with latest version if iOS 10. It is not jail broken. I have two iphone 6 one, with the current version of Blynk 2.5.10 and the other with previous version. Both crash with setProperty whereas Android runs fine.

I’m using library v. 0.4.1 and iOS app v. 2.5.10. I’m getting far fewer crashes with 2.5.10, but my dashboard has now become VERY erratic.

The slider widget only works intermittently. Both slider and gauge widgets randomly reset themselves to their lower limits. I have their ranges set to 50-80, so when this happens, both read “50.” As far as I can tell, the reset value is not sent to my hardware (ESP-01). Button presses work most of the time, but will randomly stop working.

There also doesn’t appear to be any synchronization between dashboards on my iOS devices. My iPhone and iPad can show completely different status’.

hi - these are very similar issues I have been seeing and reported to @Dmitriy
It gets worse when you upgrade local server (if you use one) and when you are also using Android client interchangeably with IOS. I’ve reported this on this thread: Upgrading local Blynk looses Auth Token, board types & Virtual Pins (and issues with iOS App)

Actually, it appears that the random reset values ARE being sent to my hardware. That’s a big problem, since I use Blynk for my HVAC. This morning, Blynk turned my heat down to 50 degrees F (the lowest value temperature setting on my slider). It had previously been st to 70.

Maybe Blynk is just trying to save me money on my heating bills. :wink:

Until this gets sorted out, I may just change the range on the slider, so that the lower limit is a little more tolerable. Brrrrrrr.

Sorry guys. Fixes are on its way. Unfortunately this price we have to pay for new features.

Guys, please report how it goes with crashes after today’s update (version 2.6.1 in App Store)

will do - what exactly has been fixed in this release V2.6.1 ?
Also, when the app is running how can you tell what version it is ?

2.6.1 includes a bunch of different fixes, mostly crashes and better compatibility with new multi-device (read: Android) format. But we still don’t recommend to use both on the same project. iOS will fully support multi-device pretty soon.

Currently the app won’t tell you its version, you have to look in App Store.
We remember about this and the new “About” screen is on the way.

thanks - does it include fix for SetProperty ? (just asking before testing it :-))

Hope so. The thing is that we never reproduced the crash specifically after SetProperty. But this update includes some related fixes we’ve seen from crash reports.


Still seeing very strange behavior with the Setproperty. Specially when filling several menu boxes with values. Then only the first menu box is updated and the rest is ignored. This on IOS and on Android

@Robert_Holscher code please?

Updated all iOS devices to 2.6.2, and it seemed really stable for a while, but now I’m getting the random resetting of my slider widget to its lower limit again. If I stop and restart the dashboard, the slider returns to its correct setting. That leads me to believe that the problem is with the app, since a fresh sync upon reconnecting to the server sets thing right.

Thanks @chrome1000 for report, will look into that. My understanding is that resetting happens with both Slider (controller type widget) and Gauge (display type widget) when you change its property - is that right?

Yes, the gauge resets to zero, as well. However, that’s probably a result of my code. I have that gauge linked to th slider with the following code:

//Match temp gauge to slider in Blynk app 
  TempDes = param.asInt();

V1 is the gauge, and V3 is the slider. So when the slider bug occurs, resetting V3 to its lower limit, it’s probably my code that triggers the gauge reset, and not another bug. This is my assumption, because I have a second gauge on the dashboard that maintains its correct level.