SERVER _ ERROR CODE 1675030 [message]: Error performing query. [Extra]:

From 1 year onwards i am using blynk legacy but today while log in through Facebook getting error code 1675030

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This might help

Thank you John, i used to log in with facebook (since i tried to make an account but failed) and i got this error (slightly different message doe), i went to reset password and to my surprise it worked, i got an email to reset and now i can connect with my email account insted of facebook, thanks again, i hope i wont encounter any more problems for 3 more months since thats all the time i need to present this project.

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I highly recommend moving to the new blynk instead of keep using the old one that will be retired soon.

can you guide me to login again, i tried to login with facebook but it doesn’t work, thank you

You can no longer log in via Facebook, as Facebook withdrew this authentication method some time ago.

If you hit the “Forgot Password?” link then it will send a password reset email to your registered email address.
If it doesn’t arrive then check your junk/spam folder.

If you don’t have access to that email address anymore then it’s not possible to recover your Legacy account.

Either way, you should be migrating to Blynk IoT, as Legacy has not been developed for quite a few years, and is no longer supported and the legacy cloud servers will be decommissioned at some point - causing all legacy projects to stop working.


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Thanks a lot, I got it back👍

What Pete said lmao, sorry i didnt get to respond quicker.

That is what i should do, but i would have to change to much to the project, since in the new blynk i cant connect my arduino with esp8266 as a “shield” like im doing right now with blynk legacy. I cant even get past the first setup steps where i just have to connect my esp8266 to blynk. From what i read the app should still work but will not recive any new updates and apart from this one problem where facebook is at fault i hope i wont encounter any other errors.

Yes you can.

All you need to do is add the Blynk template ID to the top of your existing sketch and use the Blynk IoT auth token in place of your Blynk legacy one.
Everything else that’s different is about how the template and device are created in Blynk IoT and defining datastreams.
If you currently have widgets attached to digital pins in Legacy then you should swap to using virtual pins, and change your sketch according.

Blynk have said that the legacy servers will be turned off at soe point, and when that happens your legacy app and devices will simply stop working. You can’t simply bury your head in the sand and hope that everything will be okay, it won’t. You do need to migrate to Blynk IoT.


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For now i will be ignorant and hope that they dont pull the plug on the servers for 3 more months until im done with this, if they do im just gonna have to adapt and make the necesary changes.