Server disconnection

Hi guys,

I’m having some random disconnections from blynk server. My code is fairly simple and i have notifications on the phone app so i can know when the esp8266 goes offline.
I started to have some sporadic drops that look like they are fast reconnections, but don’t know why. My virtual writes are timed, 1 second appart, and i make about 6 virtual writes at the same time. From those 6, 3 are just for trying to debug this problem.
I made 3 time counters. One for esp uptime, other for wifi connection and the last for blynk connection. I found out that when the app notifies me that the hardware goes offline, actually wifi and the esp keep on going, so its not a hardware crash or code crash neither wifi dropout. I’m using my internet and its a fiber and reliable connections and i don’t have any issues with other devices.

Could it be that blynk server is experiencing some problems? Anyone relates? My last drop was from 4 hours uptime. But it does not look to have a pattern.


Scroll down to the bottom of this page and you’ll see the Blynk cloud server stats:

Based on your location, I would assume that you are using the Frankfurt server.

My guess is that it’s an issue with your ISP, but seeing your code may help.