Server disconnection

did you change the port or disable the server at port 80?

just changed.

At the same time i’ve had one server disconnection both from the control arduino and the “production” one at 8 hours ago, after 12:26 hours running. (now totaling 20:26 of uptime). (the control one does not have any server, just blynk connection and virtual write for the app to tell arduino uptime and blynk uptime.)
I don’t see any fallout on the network side…

update: at 1 day and 1 hour of uptime another disconnection and reconnection of both.

do you know the UTC time? I can compare it with gaps in my SuperCharts data

You also have disconnections?
I had another one on at 1day 13hours and 40 minutes of uptime.

I dont have utc but i could manage to do that if its of interest. At least i have the notifications on the phone.

Both arduinos drop at the same time.