Serial HC-05 HC-06 sketch to nodemcu

Hello fellow blynkers, I just want to ask if it’s possible to use Serial Hc-05_Hc-06 sketch from blynk example in nodemcu? Thanks!

Yes. You’ll probably need to use ESPSoftwareSerial rather than the regular SoftwareSerial library, and choose appropriate pins.


Sir is it possible to combine hc-05 sketch and esp8266 standalone sketch to turn on/off the relay my point is if ever I lost my internet connection there’s a Bluetooth that will continue to control/turn on/off the relay… Thank you!

If you write your code properly in event you go offline the relay will carry on working

How can I use the ESPSoftwareserial in Bluetooth in a proper way sir?

If you want to switch between WiFi and Bluetooth then it will be far from simple.
The nearest readymade solution is this for the ESP32:

Given your follow-up question about ESPSoftwareserial I think your next move should be to spend a lot of time learning, experimenting and becoming more familiar with C++ programming in general and Blynk in particular and learning through trial and error.

This forum is great for people who have developed those skills and just need signposting in the right direction with a potential solution. You aren’t at that stage yet, and that’s where you need to get to to best usilise the resources of this forum.


Okay sir, but this will be my last question what are the other ways to use blynk except for using a local server

You can use the cloud servers, where you need to buy the necessary energy for your widgets, or you can set-up a local server and allocate yourself as much energy as you want for free.

Personally, I always use the cloud servers, as it’s less hassle than setting-up and maintaining my own local server.


Sir I already added the espsoftwareserial library in arduino ide in order to communicate the bluetooth module in nodemcu so my header now would be like this is this correct sir?

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial btSerial(D3, D4); // Rx,Tx

You should read the documentation and look at the examples for whatever flavour of the ESPSoftwareSerial library you’ve installed.

As this is not a Blynk related question you may get more appropriate answers elsewhere.