Seleccion de pines en web wemos

Hello, good, I’m new to the forum, although I’ve been working with blynk for a long time in all areas of my life, I’m an angel.
I wanted to ask a question in blynk iot new app when i select wemos d1 mini pro ESP8266 card with ceramic antenna.
In datastreamer only pins from 0 to 13 and also A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 come out. Wemos only has up to analog A0 and cannot select 14 15 16 and I want to use them but I have no choice and I want to do it directly with the board without going through the program.
What would be the solution since I am working on a project in my company that could later suggest a pro account for years.
Thanks Greetings to all and I hope to solve it.

I’d suggest using virtual pins instead

Thanks for answering so fast, but as I said before I want to use from the motherboard. Digital pins. Since this board has few pins, if short, its use is not convenient, I thought it should be solved if there will not be many people who want to use it and it would not be fair on Blynk’s part

You can control digital/analog pins using virtual pins. For example

void setup()
  pinMode(2, OUTPUT); // Initialise digital pin 2 as an output pin

BLYNK_WRITE(V0) // Executes when the value of virtual pin 0 changes
  if(param.asInt() == 1)
    // execute this code if the switch widget is now ON
    digitalWrite(2,HIGH);  // Set digital pin 2 HIGH
    // execute this code if the switch widget is now OFF
    digitalWrite(2,LOW);  // Set digital pin 2 LOW    

Thanks again, I already know that but I want to simplify the use of the program and do it the way I like it and make it cleaner. what I don’t quite understand is how in blynk legacy it was very good and now with the new one it goes backwards and these problems are not solved, I think it would be convenient for this to be fixed for later because if not blynk would lose a lot of prestige by going leaving users behind

This issue has already been raised here…

Even if the issue gets fixed, you’d still be far better off using virtual pins rather than digital pins.