RPI wiringPi DHT22 error

I’m having a problem connecting my DHT22 with Blynk wiringPi on a Raspberry Pi… at first it said it was missing DHT.h. I downloaded and copied that into the folder and now it says its missing WProgram.h… I’ve read the 3 previous community threads that mention it but they don’t say how to resolve it. Can’t find a solution online either… any ideas?

Some Googling indicates it is from an older version of Arduino… perhaps the sketch you are using needs to be replaced/updated with something newer?

its a weird one because the DHT sensor connects to Blynk via NodeJS however it was I did that before… doesn’t require the same files obviously… but I can’t get it to work for wiringPi

Try commenting it out?

yeah i tried that… didn’t work

just decided to run both nodejs and wiring pi on the RPi… its doing everything i need it to now… the eventor notifications go off when the project is first turned on but doesn’t seem to notify again if the temperature hasn’t dropped within tolerance… its set to push rate of requests… what difference does it make if you pic a number of seconds instead?

Push means when the device sends data the App shows it shows it, Reading Rate means the widget must request data from the device.

Push is generally for coded functions on the device, and the data is sent (to the server) regardless if the App is active or not (thus trackable in Superchart).

Reading Rate only works when the App is active, and can be used with direct pin reading AKA, analog/digital reads without needed extra coded functions (e.g. basic “code free” Blynk projects).

I also see Reading Rate most often in the NodeJS examples… like my Clock example… because there is no “loop” I guess one needs to use timers to push the data… but I havent really invested much ‘time’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: to do that yet for automated tasks.