Rf transmitter on esp 8266 giving low range

Hi, I made a rf transmitter and receiver using esp 8266 but the problem is I am getting low range ,Is it due to esp output is 3.2 volt .same transmitter seems to give higher range using arduino.I am supplying 5 volt to transmitter and data pin connected tovesp pin

@Prat yes the lower the voltage the lower the range. Most cheap transmitters will work to about 12V and then you will have a very good range. If range is important use a separate power supply with level shifters to the ESP.

Thar is complete lie. Range doesn’t depend on voltage but rather on used frequency, antenna gain, receiver sensitivity, modulation and most importantly on correct PCB design. On ESP you should be able to get between 250-500m in LOS and probably around 30m indoors or even less.

@conkerkh I will refer you to Seeed’s Wiki on cheap RF transmitters at http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/433Mhz_RF_link_kit

References to 12V are all over the internet http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=212447.0

Are they liars too?

Did you read the thread before you posted?

I do hope English is not your native tongue.

Oh so we are talking about legal ways of increasing range or just max out power without looking at regulations? If you are not aware I assure you that if you breach regulatory limits by few factors you will eventually see police…

You were wrong and don’t call me a liar.

Cause you gave the worst, and in most cases illegal way of increasing range.

Guys, come on. No need to be offensive. Everyone has an opinion, so please respect it, even if it contradicts with something you know for sure.

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@Prat Can you tell us mor about your setup? Low range is relative. What are the range you talking about? How looks your circuit?

Driving a ESP8266 with 5V is not good. Ways above the specs.

Greetz, Bernd

Thanks for reply, I solved the issue by adding a wire of 17.5 CM lenth to transmitter(433 Mhz) and I am now getiing a range of 10 Meter indoor.Earlier I was getting a range of 5 meters only. I tried to provide 12 volt to transmitter but it could only increase the range marginally.10 meters is sufficient for me as I have a small house.Thanks for all your support guys.It would be great If we can share knowledge without hurting other 's self respect.Guys no one is perfect in this world so respect each other.

wow, that is bad range, my esp8266-12E goes over 30m through seven wood/plasterboard walls and one floor (yes, i counted them) - it sometimes shows -85dBm as the RSSI monitor

what ESP are you using? where are you using it? how are you measuring ‘range’?

i also have a esp8266-12F in the subfloor behind two double brick walls that Tx/Rx fine that is 15m from the wifi router… (i am not logging the RSSI on this one though)

I think Prat is using 433MHz modules . Not the ESP8266 Wifi modules.

I am using esp 8266 with rf transmitter 433 mhz .Transmitter I am using is from ali express
Thoug I have not measured range by an instrument ,its my estimate. The range through concrete walls is only 10 meter .

I am not talking about wifi range, its RF range.

Can you please share the codes you used for transmission through rf transmitter with esp8266 and if possibly the receiver code along with the data pin connections , I didn’t find any references. I kindly request you to reply it’s something I have been searching for my academic project

Hey there,

People don’t normally use their own 433MHz transmitter AND receiver with an ESP8266.
It’s normally either a transmitter circuit to to operate exiting 433MHz hardware such as mains sockets or blinds, or a receiver circuit to listen for messages from 433MHz garage remotes or light switches.

Maybe if you shared more information about the purpose of your project, and the brief you’ve been given, then we could point you in the right direction.