Reward bug report with energy points - when the bug is fixed

If development fixes a bug that was user reported, they could award some energy points to the user.

  • award can be non-public
  • the program can be non-public (so as not to encourage an avalanche of spurious bug reports)
  • amount of points at discretion of the developer(s)

Many of the advanced users (who are probably the people who find the most quantity of bugs and are able to report them is a logical and repeatable manner) use local server, so free energy is of no use to them.

I don’t use local server, but I’m not really interested in free energy. For me it’s about trying to make the product better, so it attracts a larger user base and that will eventually translate into more revenue for Blynk and more features in the product.

There was once mention of being rewarded with points if you created a “Projects made with Blynk” post, but I’m not sure if that’s ever happened.



good points