Reorder & delete tabs

Hi! Will be nice to have a way to reorder and delete just one tab instead of deleting the whole tab widget.



There is a way already. Go to tab menu and slide away tab you want to delete.


How? I’ve been trying and I can’t do it… :disappointed_relieved:

Hmmm, looks like the ability to delete a tab in the middle of a group is no longer available (EDIT, at least I seem to remember it was at one time)? Only the last tab can be removed.

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There is no way to reorder tabs, as far as I know. If it is possible, then it’s not a problem, as you can always move tab you want to delete to last position. It’s an interesting question…

I can’t find a way to reorder tabs, will be a great feature to have as the project growths

Me neither. Let’s wait, maybe we are doing something wrong :slight_smile:

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Hello. This is not supported yet. And not in nearest plans.

You can deleted only the last tab (due to some internal app structure restrictions)
As a workaround, I usually move widgets between tabs, then rename the tab and delete the last one.

Not the best UX for sure, but at least “there is a way”

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Thanks Pavel,

It’s a nice workaround, although, idk how hard it’ll be to program a way to reorder the tabs. I know that you guys have a lot to do and I appreciate every update, but this seems a cool feature to me, that makes the general app more user friendly (although, in this non company version is for the maker and tinkerer).

5 years have passed, but the function of moving and deleting tabs has not been done! :pensive:

The functionality is there in Blynk 2.0

The Blynk 0.1 app (which is what this topic is about) stopped being developed over two years ago.


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