New Android release 1.11.0. Tabs Widget!

You can also use the same auth code in different sketches without bridge widget. You just have to be careful how you set up the and blynk.write calls…

Sounds interesting just for my needs. Could you please specify what you mean by being careful?

sorry, yeah - you just need to get the blynk.write & in the right sequence on each device,

here is the thread where i was helped to work it out:


Any updates? Would be fantastic to have 32 + 32 vpins to utilise :grinning:

Yes, I would totally utilise this many… The Mega has how many GPIO pins?

I think this question is for @vshymanskyy

if we are asking @vshymanskyy lets try for 128 vpins per AUTH code then? :wink:

any progress on adding more virtual pins? it really will help me build my app and projects…

unless i get more pins, i will have to build two modules instead of just one… i.e. unnecessary duplication :frowning:

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@Dave1829 same here, we have actually had to build 2 projects because we ran out of virtual pins. Not very nice to ask clients to install 2 projects to do one job.

Yes, there is some work done to provide more pins - but sadly it would probably break big projects on some smaller devices like Arduino UNO/Nano.
So - I’ve implemented some device detection mechanism, now pretty close to white-listing some devices for more pins.
What hardware do you use?

@vshymanskyy WeMos D1 Mini (4M), ESP01 (1M) ,ESP07 (1M) and ESP12 (4M) for me.

Thank you for your efforts! these will be very much appreciated!

i am using Mega 2560 clone with a few ESP12 nodes hanging off it…

Hello, Dmitry! How can I change the order of my tabs in app? Is there any possibility?

Hello. Nope. Just remove/add new one.

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so now when you switch projects in Android 2.20.3 - the project jumps to the first tab automatically?

not ideal!

but we still cant re-order tabs?

So, are you bringing up a new issue… which I can confirm… or commenting on a really old one. If the former, then perhaps best done in a new, relevant, topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

the issue is that you can’t re-order tabs…

Then no need to mention the other (unrelated to this old topic) issue.

As for “reordering” tabs…