Remove facebook login


Is it possible to remove facebook login and revert back to a regular username and password instead?

// Thomas

Hello. Yes. This is possible. I can set manually password

Any tutorial?

Edit: I figured it out. Im writing here. May be helpful.

I logged in with facebook before. Than i wanted to switch normal account. I clicked forgot password. Finally i am logging in with e mail and password.

I’ve just tried this but no luck.
I clicked forgot password then changed my password, but login was unsuccessful. Tried 4 times now.
Also went into the preferences and removed facebook under the Associated account and tried logging in with email again without success.

Anyone else gone back to a email login after using facebook login recently?

I have a similar topic. I logged in trhough facebook on my android cell, and later create a user name with password on my PC. And now I’m no longer able to log my cellphone. How may I fix this?

Please clarify which version of the Blynk Android app you are using, and what exactly you mean by…


Thanks for your quick response. I read on another topic that this could be fix by reseting the password which I did, and no it is working.

Thank you!

Your reply doesn’t answer any of my questions!