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I am trying to change a variable depending on what page is open on my Blynk app:

  • Is there an event/function that would get evoked every time I press my button to open page?? similar to normal buttons BLYNK_WRITE(V#)
  • If not, is there a variable that I can read that would tell me the current open page?
  • if still not, is there a way to open pages from software api?

You can check the documentation

The only relevant thing in the documentation is " Changing target page from hardware" which is not any of the solutions that I am looking for. Is there any other part that you are pointing to?

What exactly is the end result that you’re trying to achieve?


I want to know in my firmware when a specific page is opened.

I gathered that much from your initial post.


With a button, when you connect it to a datastream, whenever the button is pushed, the function BLYNK_WRITE(Vx) gets evoked so I can make my actions in that function. When I connect the button to open a page, it does not evoke the function BLYNK_WRITE(Vx) when it is pushed and a page opens. I was wondering how can I take some actions from opening the page if not by BLYNK_WRITE.


As you probably realise, I’m interested in the “why” behind this - to be able to potentially suggest an alternative approach or workaround.
But, despite asking, you don’t seem to want to share that sort of info so there isn’t really anything I can add to what appears in the documentation.


I think you you should check this out

What do you mean why? I explained why. Are you asking why I want to know which page has been open? my application requires.

Don’t worry about it, I’m sure you’ll figure out a solution.


I don’t think it’s possible, also I noticed that when you set the button to open page mode, it doesn’t send any value to the datastream, so there’s no way to tell if the page is opened or not.

Thank you! At least knowing that it is not possible motivated me to find an alternative approach. Just for future reference of this thread, what I ended up doing was open all my pages with one button. But I can select which page I want to open beforehand through some menu that changes the “page” property of the page opening button.

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I’ll investigate and let you know if I find a solution.

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