Blynk 2.0 PAGE widget

how can I target the standalone page please name “Play MODE”
Blynk.virtualWrite(V12, “Play MODE”, “Started…”);

Hey there, I guess it’s

setProperty (vPin, "page", page_index)

my page’s name is Play MODE … I don’t see where the ID is anywhere

More details here

Of course, I’ve seen all this - but it’s not clear to me how to send a widget variable that is on the standalone page called Play MODE (I don’t see any ID anywhere)

The process is the same, add the widget and assign it to a datastream, you don’t have to specify the page name or ID.

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@futbox @John93 is right. It doesn’t matter where the widget is. You just need to use the correct virtual Pin.

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BLYNK 2.0 Pro plan…
I use the “icon” button to open a page with measured parameters (temperature, power consumption, etc.). Is it possible to use VPIN to start and stop this feature set if the page is open or closed?
Or is VPIN only can be used to open a page from a device?

Not sure I understand this. Could you please rephrase? Do you want the button that opens the page also to send the value to virtual DS?

Yes! for example boolen : Page open - True, page close - false.

At the moment this is not supported. Could you please describe your use case and why would you need this?

For example, I open a special page with measurement parameters (temperature, current consumption, frame rate per second…). And this leads to an increase in the speed of polling sensors. I close the page and the frequency returns to its previous value.