RE: In case you see SMTHNG strange in Blynk

Hi I don’t know if this is the right place to put some informations concerning the Blynk app behaviour.
I’m using it with ESP8266 (it is compatible, you have a lot of examples!)

I used either the GPS Trigger and the GPS Stream following all the guidelines and the example codes proposed.

You missed some information about those widgets:

  • How often are measured the GPS coordinates?
  • Are they reading values when the Blynk APP is collapsed? (yes, the Serial.print is not updated when I move away fron my location)
  • How can I have a notification (using your Notification Widget) also when the APP /Project is running (with the play button) and the app is not displayed.
  • Your documentation report that GSP Trigger and Stream are running on background (is true??)
  • The Email Widget is the only one that is working fine also in background. ESP8266 is sending me regularly the Email based on an event.

I’m continuosly spending a lot of energy (money!!) to put the widgets on my projects!!

I’ll appreciate if you send me an answer soon.



Please provide the information about the device you are using: model, os version.

GPS widgets should work in background, but according to their set up (GPS Stream widget have an option for Battery consumption), also the app should have permission to use GPS all the time and GPS should be ON on the device.

Hi, my device is a Huawei P Smart 2019, os is Android 9.1
GPS on my phone is always ON, Blynk app is in background.
The hardware ESP8266 is not reporting any GPS update (values are fixed at the last coordinates).
So, it’s not working in background!!

Please let me know.


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