Raspberry starter kit which hardware should I buy?

Dear community, I kindly ask you for your suggestion which hardware I should buy.

I´m using blynk for a while and I´m happy with this great tool.
Now I want to build my own blynk server.
But I do not have any experience with raspberry at all !
I have seen that there is a lot of documentation on how to do.

But I´m unsure which is the right hardware and may be additional stuff like SD card or software tools I have to install first.

Thank you for your suggestions.

That’s the problem with Pie… so many flavors that you just need to get a piece of each.

I have been running an older RPi 1 model B and it works just fine. If you want small size and built in WiFi, look at the RPi Zero WiFi, otherwise probably just go for the RPi 3, it has everything as well, just more of it.

Either choice, they all run the same way and use the same code, etc… comes mostly down to price and size.


I’m running the server in a Orange Pi Zero more than 9 months without issues. Small, cheap and powerful. It requires a little bit of experience in the “Pi world” to keep everything up am running.

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Thank you for the explanation.
I ordered now this one:

I hope that I become happy with it.

Yes that´s what I´m worried about.
Can you provide some tips or links how to do the first steps ?
Because I´m absolute new in that pi world.

Yes, for sure, have a look:

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There are plenty of people who built local servers on all sorts op RPi’s on this forum. So you can find plenty information and if you get stuck you can always ask :slight_smile:

Thank you very much I will learn as much I can

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