Questions about energy (on expired account)

English sentences may be wrong.
I will question easily with short sentences.

Previously, I bought energy with Blynk.
When I logged in after a long time, I was told that the password was wrong.
I reset the password from Windows, but I could not reset it.
I reset the password from the iPhone, but I could not reset it.
I successfully reset the password from Android.
I registered the same password as before.
When I logged in, the project I made previously has gone.
And the energy was zero.
Before I could not log in, I had 28000 energies.

Does energy automatically disappear with elapsed time?

It seems you are facing geo-dns issue, in the next release we’ll fix this geo-dns problem, but for the current build please check next link:

@Dmitriy could you check this issue?

I guess it has nothing to do with geo-dns.
It is not an application and hardware connection.
I could not log in from the application to the server.
You can not log in even if you enter the correct login password.

Reset password
On login screen click on “Problems signing in?” label and than “Reset >Password” button. You’ll get instruction on your email.

I entered a new password according to the mail that arrived.
However, due to a problem on the server side, a password parse error occurred.
(Windows and iOS)

Password reset succeeded only from Android application.

I was deleted because I was not logged in about 1 year?

It looked like the account was deleted because I did not log in for a long time.

I looked up the IP address at ping
am accessing the same server as the domain name.

Please PM @Dmitriy with your login, so he could check what happened to your account

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I can not log in to the new app.
There was no energy when I re-created my account and logged in.
This is the second time my account has been lost.
Account is same as email address.
Why does my account disappear?
Please restore energy.
Thank you.