Question about the ds18b20 temperature sensor

Do you trust ds18b20 sensor? Give me advice

I don’t really understand what you’re saying here.
As I said before…


I mean, the refrigeration unit is equipped with a high-precision temperature sensor. The cooling unit is designed to save the corona vaccine. I don’t think there could be a mistake in its temperature sensor. It’s very accurate

Where is the DS18B20 physically, relative to the reefer temperature sensor? In addition, since you are monitoring a temperature that is controlled to be fixed, you could use an offset if nothing else works. Then the issue is what is the variation on the 18B20 with time? Calling it too often will raise its temperature as well.

Hi ebda3, you really should listen to Pete’s advice. Unless you hold your DS probe right next to the temperature sensor of your AC unit then you are measuring an entirely different portion of the room’s air. You’d be wasting your time trying to compare the readings as they are expected to be different. Even inside a fridge there are huge variations in temperature depending on where you take a reading.
Use a calibrated reference sensor, or even a decent alcohol thermometer, to understand the accuracy of your DS sensor. If your DS sensor reads a bit high or low then just subtract or add the difference to get the same reading as the reference sensor. I’d recommend doing this calibration at the temperature you’d normally like to read - ie at around 6C.

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