Query related to local server being used for business purpose

Hello all have been using the blynk platform, wanted to know can the blynk local server installed in my linux server be used comfortably for business usage as I am interested to use it for scientific application related to agriculture as many people find the prototype useful, also I believe the app can’t be used commercially do guide me on this if it can be used as well or we can simply make use of API’s for the respective task, thanks

Local server can’t be used for commercial purposes.

Any business/commercial use requires a suitable paid subscription with Blynk, and the only subscriptions currently available are for Blynk 2.0, and that doesn’t support local server at the moment, unless you negotiate an on-premise arrangement with Blynk.


thanks for the message… kindly refer the thread on similar topic here where it was mentioned "You can legally run your business on the local server ", as wanted to know any changes in recent times though … as I am fine with app not being used for commercial purpose

I’m not sure if the $6,000 charge for this is still applicable, as the versions of the apps, local server and libraries that supported this are no longer supported.

A question for @Pavel


Thanks for the message, in the mentioned thread it highlights clearly ""You can legally run your business on the local server " also local blynk server which is great package and can be deployed independently is free to use, my believe is apart from app which mentions not to use in commercial domain the entire setup can be referring the statement , though can wait for other people’s valuable comments and insights on the discussion

I think you’re interpreting that information differently to me.
But, as I said, it’s a question for Blynk, not the forum.


Thanks for the message my as said it’s a great suite and can be utilized in ways helping mankind, for same reason provided information to relate on its usage , since it’s the topic related to blynk and server discussions are there think it can be very well be discussed and guided helping others having similar thoughts, thanks once again if any information you get related to the query do share referring any links, happy to wait for other’s on the forum for their useful thoughts , thanks

Local server can’t be used for commercial purposes. same applies to Blynk 1.0 apps for iOS and Android.

Commercial use is only allowed under paid plans: Pricing | Blynk IoT Platform

thx for the message