Blynk App builder for commercial with local server?

Is blynk allow its users to use the blynk app builder with the local server for commercial purpose?
I know about app exporting method but can we use app builder for commercial purpose with a local server? If yes then Free or Paid (how much).
Remember I am just asking about blynk app builder. I know others plan they only work with online server and specific app designed which can’t be implemented to multiple clients.

From the Blynk website:

Can I use Blynk App commercially?

NO. Blynk apps for iOS and Android can’t be used commercially .

Blynk takes automated measures to track and detect such activity. Any account that is suspected for commercial use can be deactivated immediately without a prior notice. We provide no warranty and no liability for any losses caused by stopping of your account and associated business or commercial use.

To use Blynk commercially, you need an active subscription to any plan listed on this page.

Any other commercial use is considered as violation of Terms And Conditions

Details of pricing are here:

I’d suggest that you open a dialogue with the guys at Blynk, as there is a new version of Blynk in the pipeline (I believe that it’s already in use by some commercial customers) and there is talk of a more flexible pricing plan with this new version.


How can they suspend an account that is stored within a local server, which is totally unlinked from them?

I think that most people running a local server would have it connected to the internet, so that mobile devices can access it without having to be linked to the same network.
Once you’re connected to the internet then you’re effectively linked to everyone.


May be you are right but I don’t think they could effect the account or anything. They may have some other techniques. I just saw the plans for online server that’s why I asked the question. They should give the plans for local server with app builder too

From what I understand, no decision about allowing local servers with Blynk 2.0 has been taken yet, but unless you begin a dialogue with @Pavel and the others at Blynk then it’s all speculation at this stage.


You can’t use Blynk app commercially in general. Only exported apps can be used for these purposes. And yes, we have measures to identify abuse. Once it’s done, illegal local server is included into a blacklist forever, and customer apps will never be able to connect to it.

Then, we do an investigation, and wipe out all accounts that can be associated with this operation without any notice.

After that, we usually get angry emails from not-so-clever business owners who lost their customers, data, and reputation by trying to abuse the system. But as we have no contract obligations, we can do nothing about that.

You can legally run your business on the local server and it’s described here: