Publish your Blynk project as an app to App Store and Google Play

Hi Blynkers,

We are launching app publishing BETA version.

How it works:

  • You sign up for beta here→
  • We contact you for the details, send example code and instructions
  • We publish a trial version of your app. You have 30 days to make a decision and fine tune everything.
  • After that, we publish it to App Store and Google Play

We would ask for a pre-pay to be sure that you really want to publish, but it can be refunded on your request at any moment during the trial period.

What’s there?

  • People will be able to download your app as any other app
  • We guide them through the steps to connect to home WiFi network. WiFi provisioning flow is pre-made for you by us. No need to design anything.
  • Device is connected, now they can use it.

It works for ESP8266 only.

Here are few sample screenshots of fully customized wi-fi provisioning. With your logo, colors, even shapes. We will post live video soon.

What do you think about it? Please also help us spread the word.

We just wanted you to be first to know :slight_smile:


Fantastic idea !!!
What about the charges?

You are very clevers guys !

I love it.
Can’t wait to get my project going so I can get it published.
Thank you guys for your hard work and dedication…

So everybody can be a fireman!! I love it :wink:


Hi @Pavel,

Great idea… but I would love to hear some real world examples or ideas of this in use?
And I gather it only works on the ESP locally created Wifi network and not in infrustrutre mode?


Hi Jamin,

Thanks for the feedback.

You can find some real world examples on the website.

As I mentioned in my original post, it works with ESP8266 for beta version, but it will also work with Particle and a few other boards that can act as an access points.

What do you call: [quote=“Jamin, post:5, topic:7584”]
infrustrutre mode

Will this run on a local Blynk Server?

Yes, it will be working on a local server too.

@Pavel so interesting.

i have a some questions here , if i get a small patch of home automation Board with a small modification of my current prototype of EgyIOT board .

  • is every board has to be flashed with hard coded Auth token - same as blynk - or the app will do that for me so i can just flash one bin file with the FW to all of the boards.
  • what is the steps the user - not maker - need to do to configure his own Board.
  • is the user will be able to share the same hardware with his family members or a specified number of users securely.
  • is the App and service cost will be different significantly if it’s on your Cloud or self hosted.
  • is there a fixed cost for that service or it’s based on how many devices is connected.

i still have a lot of questions in my mind as i sat with some of my friend to build our own solution - server side and mobile app - and right now i don’t have the draft of the mind storming session winch has many many ideas and questions.

I believe it is a great move, looking forward to the details.


App will do that for you

  1. Input home wifi network details (SSID, Password)
  2. Connect to your device(it will act as access point
  3. Done.

Currently they can log in using same account. Later we will implement multiple accounts

Price plan includes cloud access by default. You can opt out, but it won’t affect the price. However, if you are planning on serving billion of requests, you might consider hosting your own

It’s a simple fixed price, no matter how many devices are connected. We count requests only.
Current plan includes 5,000,000 requests. Either 1 device is making that many, or 1,000 devices making a few.

Thanks for your questions. I’d be glad to answer them.

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i don’t know is it correct to discuss these details publicly on forum or shall i send you DM.
but lets make it more interesting you have encourage me to ask more questions :slight_smile:

  • 5,000,000 request is it Monthly,daily ??

  • what if i need to add more requests to my app, how much every 1 M request will cost me?

  • how long duration i should use it on my marketing materials "like our server will be Always Up for you X years from date of purchase.?

  • is there any SLA on the server performance if i sold my Hardware to customer i should make sure it will be on when they need it.

  • any information about the Price and what about supporting other language?

  • can the App use like a my scheduled actions and similar small Automation functions or just a button change the GPIO low and high?

Monthly. Actually it’s stated on the webiste:

We haven’t seen anyone so far who reached this limit. We will publish a calculator to make it easier for you.

Here are some numbers:
100 devices,each making 1 req per minute would cost you (apps + cloud) ~$200 / Month
1000 devices, each making 1 req per minute would cost you (apps + cloud) ~$300 / Month

It’s rather a question for you :slight_smile: In an unlikely case if Blynk shuts its doors, your app will stay in app stores for another year, or we can transfer it under your account. Or we can even publish it initially under your accounts if you have them. We will also offer you migrating to your own server.

Even amazon sometimes is down… If you are running your server - it’s on your shoulders. If you need 99.99999% uptime we can set it up for you. And of course it’s not for $99/month

Since Blynk launched in May 2015, our uptime was %99.9

price is listed on the website. We can localize app. It would be an additional fee. DM me if you are interested.

All Blynk widgets are supported. Timer widget is accessible for your users too. Not sure what do you mean by automation.

To be simple. Imagine you have a project in Blynk. The whole project with all the functionality will be in your app. It’s very similar to sharing, but it’s your app + features like WiFi provisioning

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Hi Pavel, brilliant idea !! Congratulations!!
Does it work with ESP8266 used as Arduino Wi-Fi shield?

Right now it works with ESP8266 only. Which Arduino are you using? Maybe you can just build your project with ESP only?

I use an AT mega 328 P with arduino bootloader preloaded. But I control many peripheral device (radio modem, SD Card, RTC module, a 16 bit ADC and a 4-20 mA converter. I have never verified if I can use just an ESP stand alone, I’ll do …

ESP’s can connect to all MCU’s so the system should work with all hardware combinations as long as you incorporate an ESP.

i think it’s designed to be for ESP8266 standalone , as WiFi provisioning and OTA options will not work with
slave and master MCUs

@scropion86 but surely the WiFI provisioning and OTA options would interface with the ESP and the ESP would interface separately via slave and master with the MCU, no?