Publish your Blynk project as an app to App Store and Google Play


really nice dude…wow.I will try soon…


Has anyone tried using this to publish your own app to Google app store? I tried to click the that was posted in the earlier post but it doesnt take me anywhere for developer app publishing.
Am I doing something wrong? Can someone point me to the right resources?


You need to send request from within the app when you are really ready for publishing as this is paid feature. How to.

Published apps for now -
Also a bunch of apps in the pipeline right now and not yet published.


Got it thanks.


Is there a way to have only my designed application as an apk and not going through the whole publishing process? I want to access directly my app as a stand-alone application without doing some extra steps to reach the actual Blynk application from Blynk MyApps.

Since I’m working on a personal project, I don’t want to have my application in the market, thus only installed on my phone.

Hope you have a solution for this situation. Thanks.


If you need your own apk: you can definitely keep it for yourself and we won’t publish it. Same with the iOS app. We provide ways of installing it without App Store.
App Export is a paid feature and you can sign up for the plan you like here:

It’s more tailored for commercial applications, but soon we will be presenting plans for individuals too.


Perfect, looking forward to seeing what you have to offer for the individual plans because for the moment, to pay 199$/month just to have your own app, in my case, seems a little bit too much.
Anyway, thank you very much for your feedback and for the whole Blynk project. It’s truly amazing how much can you do with it, with very little work.


Surely. Stay tuned!

What would be an appropriate monthly/yearly price for you to have 1 personal app or 2 (Android + iOS) ?


In my opinion, you can create a price plan, which can go around 10$/month for personal use only. Of course, it depends on what it is included. But only for the possibility to export your own app I think is a reasonable price. Or you can make this as a one time fee only for this kind of operation. This is just my personal opinion. I’m sure you and your team will come up with something more tailored to simple users.


Thanks for your feedback


I fully support.


I also fully support.