Progress spinner

I would love to have a style able “progress spinner” ref: Loading progress spinner
It would be useful and look nice for running processes where presets are used.
This way we can omit the value display to make the app cleaner and still get feedback.

Kind regards/Stefan
Weight based coffee grinder project in progress, will post it soon :wink:

Do you mean running loader as an overlay over the whole dashboard? Or a separate widget?

Separate widget. Right now I’m using the “Level V” widget for my smart coffee grinder project.
That works just fine and looks kind of nice but a spinner at the size of a button would consume less screen space.

Kind regards/Stefan @ (Will soon be some nice Blynk projects on my website to).

Hi Stefan

have a look, it’s quite easy



Love it but I will wait for the official.
When can I expect it to be available for android and IOS?

Nice work/Stefan

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To be honest, I doubt that it will ever be developed. There are may more pressing items on the list and as there are a number of perfectly good alternatives then this will probably not happen.

The location for submitting ideas here:

If you feel that it merits development time then submit it as a proposal and see if it gets enough votes to make it worth consideration.


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From your description I don’t fully understand how spinner will substitue label or any other widget. It will sit there, take place, and only render when something is “in progress”

isn’t it better to have label widget and send stages there:

  • ready
  • started
  • in progress…
  • finished
  • ready

And don’t we see all too much of that “spinning” in Windows, front loading washers/dryers, Video Widget and other user interfaces already… just say NO to more meaningless spinning :rofl:

PS, @Blynk_Coeur I am NOT knocking your incredible use of image rotation… at least it is perdy :smiley:

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