Programmable button could change everything

Don’t know why I didn’t think of this before - rather than mess with existing button - a button which could be used repeatedly on a page - using the same VPIN - but instead of sending 1 or 0 would send one of 2 programmable messages which could be filled in when designing - would allow unlimited control - on a PC with Node-Red, receiving the button message - a quick function with a case statement would allow the output of the button whatever it was to do any of dozen or hundreds of jobs… a simple delimiter would allow directly firing into MQTT for example…

On button press “tofridge/door%light_on”

That ends up in node red- split on % - left bit is topic, right bit is payload - STRAIGHT off to MQTT to control something!!

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It’s a good idea, for sure. We will park it.
However, it adds usability issues we try to avoid for now.

this correlates with