Problems before I even started

Hi, I am a newbie…Sorry.

I am looking to connect a ESP32 with my blynk app using Micropyohon. I am using Thonny and installed blynklib plug-in. I then copied code and uploaded to the ESP32. However the error received:
File “”, line 19, in
ImportError: no module named ‘BlynkLib’

When I googled this, is says I have to install Python on my computer. I did this, but the problem persists.
Any advice please?

Being a newbie is your problem or is there something else that you can explain us?

Dont be sorry for being a newbie.

Hello, @rauven what are your problems?

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Wrong keys…sorry. Problem has been described more clearly.

I’m guessing that you didn’t read the link provided by @Oleksii-QA then? (although the advice about installing C++ library version 1.2.0 doesn’t apply to you, but everything else does).

When you add-in all of that missing info, be sure to say which version of the uPython library you are using, and format your script correctly with triple backticks.


@PeteKnight If you have any suggestions and need to add something to Recommendations for creating a new topic in Forum, please describe there or edit the topic

The original user comment was ‘Hi, I am a newbie…Sorry’. Later he edited it and described what the problem was

@rauven please read the link provided to you. And describe your problem in more detail.

@Oleksii-QA point #6 talks about installing the latest C++ library, but in this case the user is using MicroPython.
The latest MicroPython library is 1.0.0, but that isn’t bundled into a downloadable release.
A similar situation exists for the NodeJS library.
Also, if people are using Node-Red + MQTT then it’s the version of the Blynk contrib that is important as none of the Blynk libraries are used.

Might be better to ask people to state which programming language and library release version they are using.


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@PeteKnight added description regarding programming languages in the fifth paragraph