Problem with email widget on Android

Hi there. I’m still having the same problem than posted by “NotAClue” 3 months ago, but on Android. No matter which email address I write into the “TO”-field nor what I’m encoding in sketch, it’s allways using my account’s email address. All was running well until the release which changed the behaviour of this “TO”-field in the widget. I learned this problem should have been fixed, but obviously there is still something wrong. I’m using the latest Blynk version on Android. Any help is very apreciated.
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I’ve moved this to a new topic, as it’s clearly not the same issue as the iOS thread that you posted in originally.

What version exactly?


Hello Pete,
It’s 2.27.8

@Carlo1 It looks like the problem has been identified and a fix will be deployed soon. See Send email to wrong address for details.

@Cemtes & @Pete Knight Thank you very much for your help!

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The issue should be fixed now.

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Now it’s working perfectly (again) !
Thank you very much !