Problem Connecting Device...for Absolute Newbie

Absolutely new to this. Installed latest library on Arduino, set up Blynk on IOS. Placed a simple LED (D9) on the app and put the auth token into the sample code (of Blynk USB and later also tried Blynk Blink). However, I cannot get anything to work. First, the app tells me that the device has been offline since Sept 7, 2018 - and I can’t therefore connect. Also, I get a 561 DHCP Failed reading in the Serial port.

Can anyone help/advice?

What hardware are you using?


Using Uno. I have since got the LED blink to work, but just cannot get the Time sample code to display (or work for that matter). Which widget do I use? I have tried the clock face widget, but with no success.
My aim is to get an LED (part of the hardware set-up, on a digital pin) to blink, and when it blinks, to display the sensor (LED) data/event in the Blynk app.

I’m not sure what you mean by the “Time sample code”. If it’s code from the Sketch Builder then it will explain which widgets to use and which pins to assign to them in the app.

There isn’t a widget called the clock face widget. It would help if you referred to the widgets by the name that appears in the Widget Box on the app.

Using an Uno with the ISN serial connection method is probably the worst possible starting point for experimenting with Blynk. The seemingly script has to be running all the time on the computer that you’re using, and you don’t have access to the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE for debugging.

I’d suggest that you read this, and order some more appropriate hardware such as a NodeMCU or Wemos D1 Mini…