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Hi Support
I have a plus account that shows 15 devices in billing, but I can not create any more than the 13 that are in use. Had this problem 10th Jan which you resolved.
Thanks in advance for looking at this

@haywood Hello, please send me to private message your login email and server

but I can not create any more than the 13 that are in use.

In web or mobile(Android/iOS)? And what is the error when creating the device? Please provide screenshots if possible.

Hi Oleksii
Blynk Console Templates shows “Upgrade” button instead of create a new template. It is limiting me to the 13 existing devices.
Billing in console is showing 15 devices and that i have used 13.
server = ldn
I think you looked at this last January 10th.
Phil (haywood)

@haywood Thank you, I deleted your email in comment.

Template limit for plus plan is 10.

You can’t create more than 13 devices?

I was one of those users who were given 5 extra devices for being a long time user of blynk or to compensate for the energy bought on blynk 1. I can’t remember which. If you have a look a my billing then you will see that it is for 15 devices.

I have the same issue. I have 12 devices at this time and my plan had the 5 extra devices and it won’t let me add anymore templates than the 12.

Hello, @jstobaugh
Devices and templates are different things. And they have different limits.
You can read limit docs - Limits - Blynk Documentation

Template limit on PLUS plan - 10. And this limit is for plus plan 10/20 devices, and also 15 devices.
I think you can’t create more than 12 devices since you created 12 templates before the new template limit was introduced

If devices are not created, then this is already an error.And if there is an error when creating a template over the limits, then this is correct

Someone in your company has to realize this is not right. If I have 15 devices I should be able to have 15 different templates for those devices. I was willing to pay 5 dollars for 10 devices and deal with the numerous bugs early on to get 5 more but this is ridiculous. It also doesn’t make sense that you are going to charge me 11 dollars to have 20 devices when I pay 5 for 10.

@jstobaugh Templates can be reused. From 1 template you can create 15 devices

But they have to do the same function correct?

In most cases yes

Again this isn’t what I payed for when I joined. I am amazed of the changes made that impact your customers and nobody cares. I was frugal in what devices I had knowing the 15 device limit and now if I had just created simple templates for the future I would be fine. I do believe Blynk’s end game is to have no hobby customers, just pro and business customers.

This is wrong. We have a free plan. And many users use free plans

What makes you think that the template to device ratio is different for Pro users?
If you’re a Pro user with 500 devices you still only have 50 templates…

All devices that use the same template have the same dashboard layout, but the data shown on that dashboard relates to the device that’s being used. That doesn’t necessarily mean that all the devices that share a template need to have the same function.


Obviously if you are a pro or business user you are selling a large number of the same devices so you don’t need or want a large number of templates. As a hobbyist I have no need for multiple devices doing the same function. If it had been limited in the beginning I would understand that and now I don’t recall what the limit was on templates when I joined but I have had more than 12 devices/templates before the recent change.

First may I WARN any users that were given the bonus 5 extra TEMPLATES that if you delete one to re purpose it, you won’t be able to add that template back. So at the moment it is better to edit a template than to re purpose it.

I have used 15 templates. I have 13 now and the “Create a template” button has disappeared. Only button left is UPGRADE.

In January I had 14 templates and thought nothing of deleting one that I wasn’t using, that’s when I found out that you can delete templates but not get them back. I flagged this to Oleksii . Unfortunately I can’t remember if I got a positive reply (brain a bit foggy at 75)

Pete, with all due respect I don’t think your comment of “What makes you think that the template to device ratio is different for Pro users? If you’re a Pro user with 500 devices you still only have 50 templates…” helps. So, Pete, how did some of us have these odd number of templates if they weren’t given to us?

With due respect to Oleksii I think he needs to escalate this to higher management.

It doesn’t help that recently there was an announcement about the term template and device were supposedly rationalized but it’s no longer in the announcements.

From the picture of my billing how did I get 15 devices when you have just said you can have numerous device?. That doesn’t make sense if the limit as you say has always been 10 unless you upgrade to say 20.

The picture of my templates is already above 10 so how did that happen?

Oleksii said “You can read limit docs - Limits - Blynk Documentation” There was very little documentation and LIMITS I believe would not have been there when I signed up.

I used the word Bonus above, it may have been a Promo

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I don’t believe users were given “bonus templates”. Some Beta testers and early adopters were given bonus devices, but not templates AFAIK

I believe that this is because the number of allowable templates was reduced for each type of subscription. Once this change was implemented then if you had more templates than the new allowable limit then they worked fine, but if you deleted one or more then you couldn’t create new ones if you were at or above the current upper limit for your subscription type.

It wasn’t meant to help you, it was meant to point-out to @jstobaugh that dumping money on a PRO or Business subscription wouldn’t actually make a significant difference to the number of available templates, and that in reality the ratio of devices to templates could be significantly lower than at present.

It’s the funders and owners of Blynk that have made these decisions. They also read these topics. Escalation won’t achieve anything new as far as awareness is concerned.

I don’t believe that there was an announcement. I think you might be confusing that with an announcement about a reduction in the number of datastreams per template, or with this topic:

And therein lies the problem as far as I’m concerned, which is why I said this…

I don’t think anyone is saying that it’s always been 10, its just that it has now been reduced to 10 and you previously took advantage of that higher limit.


I have had exactly the same frustration and voiced it some weeks ago to @Pavel and @Dmitriy with no response. I have 15 devices (10 + our bonus 5 for past support and energy spent - I appreciated that gesture) and I believed hand in hand by default 15 templates? Yes or No? Made sense as I guess that for us home hobby guys and ladies we have a one to one relationship between templates and devices. Then in an unannounced move the templates were fixed at 10. Effectively taking away the 5 bonus devices - i.e. I can’t use them. A case of give with one hand and take away with the other. Anyway we are where we are with Blynk 2. I’ve taken Pete’s advice and have moved most of my devices to MQTT and Node Red. A very good free compromise.

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