Number of available templates reduces


I just tried to create a new cloud template.
After entering all information and hit DONE, the following message appeared.

  • Tile Template limit reached

At that point in time I had 4 templates created. Due to the fact that I didn’t need one of these templates any longer, I deleted it. My thought was that now I can create a new one.
Unfortunately, that was not the case. Even after restarting the cloud app I failed creating a new template.
Could you please let me know what I have to do in order to achieve at least the old status?

Additional information:
In the past I didn’t receive any notification that my account was modified or limited.

Due to the fact that I had some unspent credits as you moved to the new system, you compensated that money by providing some more features as the FREE plan offers by default. Do you still have that information linked to my account and is it still considered?

Regards Wolfgang

Hello @wolf , what plan are you using?

I’m using the FREE plan

As far as I understand, you have 3 templates left.

Currently the limit for FREE plan is 3 templates. Limits - Blynk Documentation


Hi, I’m not sure how I should read your last reply. Do you mean that everything is as it should be and the topic is worked and can be closed?
If that’s your understanding please read again my initial submission and comment on the questions which have not been answered so far.

Early adopters who had previously bought energy were given two additional DEVICES but not templates as far as I’m aware.

Are you using the free subscription?


Hi Pete,
Thanks for taking over.
As I stated in my original post. Till this morning I had 4 templates! They could be created without any issues. That means that something or someone limited my account without any notice meanwhile. I hope you agree that this would be a no go.

Regards Wolfgang

The number of templates is governed by the current limit for each specific plan. These are the new limits that are currently in effect.

When you have removed 1 template, you are left with 3 templates. This is according to your tariff plan (FREE PLAN)

Do you still have that information linked to my account and is it still considered?

What account do you mean?

Don’t you think it would be better (and fairer) to existing users if Blynk announced these reductions in limits beforehand, and explain that if users currently have more than three templates then when they delete their extra ones they won’t be be able to re-add them?

Blynk are great at announcing positive changes, but tend to try to slip negative changes, such as reductions in limits, in under the radar, which isn’t really a customer-friendly approach and which tends to result in mistrust.




What you are saying is that

  • Blynk can decide and put in place immediately – even with retrospective effect – new legally relevant terms and conditions without any notice to their users/customers.
  • If a user then changes something, it might happen that he will observe limitations that might destroy his overall system and there is no way back to keep at least what worked till a few minutes before.

Did I recap correctly?



I have shared your feedback with the team and we will be looking to improve the communications around such changes in the future


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that’s a start but I believe you need to do more than discussing this topic in the team. I strongly believe that this kind of behavior is not in accordance with German law.

Finally. What does this mean for me? Do I get back the missing template?

Regards Wolfgang

Hi @wolf and @PeteKnight

Yes the changes are sometimes a bit hard to comprehend and the lack of response even more so.

You might take a look at my post:
The thorny subject of pricing plans - Blynk 2.0 - Blynk Community

I’ve not yet had a reply.

Hi there,

it’s a while ago, that I last commented the limitations you put in place per end of February.
As stated in my previous mails already, I’ m annoyed, carefully expressed.

For me and I believe for others as well, your business style and applied ethics is not acceptable.

In my opinion, the free plan is an alibi plan now. Even for hobby projects, it’s already useless in most cases. Therefore, I believe you try to get rid of all your customers using the FREE plan and press others in your expensive PLUS plan.
Money, money, money …

But who are the people affected by your changes:

  • That are the people who made Blynk the company you currently are.
  • These people tested (for free!) your software and gave feedback which you used to improve your product.
  • These people are very often pupils and/or students which don’t have the money to pay a high monthly fee even in periods where they don’t use BlynK.

But I’m quite sure that they will remember how you treated them, if they later will be in a role to decide who to partner with.

What I did in the meantime since my last post. I talked to several companies who use Blynk. I explained to them the risks they have to deal with while working with a company like you.

  • Proprietary software
  • relative small company
  • how to mitigate the risk in case you get bankrupt
  • changing plan contents were not always announced in the past
  • risk of substantial plan content changes. That might lead to a situation where companies might have to accept higher prices to keep their business alive.
  • announcement periods of less than a month are too short to react on for most businesses.

Finally, I can say that so far two companies decided to not go further with Blynk. For now, they will keep what they have with you but for the future they will use a different system.
I think that more companies start thinking now in a similar way after they experienced how you behaved recently.

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According to the data we have, that’s not true.

It would be correct to use the word “users”, not “customers”. As a customer - is a paying user. And no, we are not getting rid of the Free users. Otherwise, we would just close a free tier.

But this would put more stress on the server right? Are you planning any limitations? Or will it stay this way for many years?

The primary purpose of Free plan is platform exploration. This plan will continue to get optimized and can be subject to frequent changes. Users who are building projects that require reliable operation should consider subscribing to a paid plan - Plus for personal projects and PRO for commercial prototyping and development.

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